How It Works

Tophatter is an auction site with short period auctions that only last a few minutes. Since there isn't much time, you rarely can make a good informed decision on what a fair bid price is for an auction. To compensate, I made this site which keeps track of past winning bids for auctions.

Find an auction on Tophatter

First, you'll need to go to and find something interesting.

4 Pc Broken screw/bolt repair bits

I could use this Damaged Screw Extractor bit set. Click it to bring up the details.

4 Pc Broken screw details on tophatter

See the the name of the product at the top: "4 Pcs Broken Bolt and Damaged Screw Extractor with Case Remove All Kinds of Screws and Bolts". You can see what this auction has ended at previously here on

Look Up the Product Name on

You can either find the auction's listing by browsing through the list of currently active tophatter auctions, or you can do a search by clicking on "Search" at the top of the page.

Search for tophatter auctions

Then type in a few key words from the product's title into the search box.

Search for tophatter auctions in box

Next you should see your results. If there are more results than you were expecting, you can filter to just the category of what you're interested in by clicking one of the categories at the top. (Electronics, jewelry, etc...)

how products are listed on

Click on the name of the same product that you were just looking at on Tophatter. It should open up a chart which will tell you past wins this product has sold at.

See what price products are selling at on

Each bar in the chart represents how many times the auction has ended at that price. In this example, the Damaged Screw Extractor sold for $2 six times, which is the lowest price it can sell for. Most often it sold for $6, which happened sixteen times.

Improve your Bidding On Tophatter

Use the bid statistics to decide if this is a good auction to keep bidding on, or if you should wait until the next time it is listed to try to grab it for less.

If you are interested in selling on Tophatter, you can use this historical bid data to determine which types of products you can get the most money for. You could also compare different listings of the same product to see which garners more attention.

Good Luck, and happy bidding!